SEO and Internet Marketing

Can you achieve good sales with bad site design and wrong SEO? Even Dr. Kotler, the marketing guru, can hardly do this. The unique and fabulous design comes first, than the SEO and finally the marketing effort. The key to success at each one of these three steps and of the undertaking as a whole is in the background reference. By this I mean that you should always have in the back of your mind (or closer) the idea of what you are going to do in the other two areas (say, SEO and marketing) when you are working in the first one (web design).

It all comes down to attraction

If you read even only one book on web design, one on SEO and one on Internet marketing you will be lost in the details and endless options suggested. Do not worry; try to see the forest behind the trees: it is all about attraction. With the dazzling web design your site is crying out to be noticed among the hundreds and thousands of others on the web, to catch the attention of Internet user. With the scrupulous SEO you are trying to increase the traffic to your site, i.e. to seduce the search engines and more visitors to visit the site more often and stay there longer.

The ingenious marketing strategy has the ultimate purpose of conversion, turning the visitor into a buyer by all sorts of enticing tricks and manipulations. All a matter of attraction, isn’t it? And the basis of attraction is you, your own branding as a reliable and resourceful web companion.

Haw can this best be done?

If we are really professional and honest, we must admit that you cannot overcome the natural consumer concern by glossy ads and witty widgets only, but rather by focusing on the real value of your products and your unparalleled service, by treating your customers fairly and with respect. Always step in the client’s shoes and see through his/her eyes what they expect to see, what they like and dislike, where they prefer to spend their online time, what their shopping habits are, etc; then try to make them feel easy and confident, try to solve their problems, not yours. As the guru says, do not sell drills, sell a convenient way to make holes.

Five practical hints:

1. A one page site is absurd. Reliable companies have sites with many and varied pages. Not one single page with description of products and service, but whole catalogues, galleries and sections, demonstrating business capacity and exhaustive supply. Try for this, even on a smaller scale, but grow constantly.

2. Do not place the order form too close to the home page. If so, it looks like you are pushing the visitor to buy. But no one likes to be pushed, especially buyers.

3. Make your site look consistent with respect to the big three from the beginning of the article. Do not allow the visitor to notice that you have put too much money and effort in the design, but you have had no money or understanding to pay equal attention to SEO or marketing. Or the other way round.

4. Indicate clearly, next to enter and contacts buttons, that you have a strict policy of confidentiality and personal information protection and provide a link to the respective rules. This creates trust and makes the visitor feel easy on your site.

5. Make visitors interested, and why not fall in love with the miracle of marketing, called Unique Selling Proposition. Yes, this it is: what is the value you offer that can make someone buy from you, rather than from the competition. If you still do not have the answer to this question, just stop and take your time to figure it out.