Web Design SEO Marketing

The Internet is a very powerful tool and when used correctly can act as your business or organisation’s automated sales person. In order to do this, you need a quality website and effective internet marketing.

So what’s a ‘Quality Website’ and ‘Effective Internet Marketing’ you ask?!


Your website should do 2 things;

  1. Someone (ideally already interested in your service or product) lands on your website.
  2. The web design converts this visit into a sale or sales lead.

It’s as simple as that but I’m amazed how many web development companies miss these two critical points! I see so many websites that act as some artists showcase and others with animations all over screen but they’re not doing their job!

Simple?? How do I do this?

Quality Content

A quality web design isn’t about quirky graphics and animation – it’s about quality content.

  1. The text, image and video content has to be clear, non jargon and has to tell the visitor the benefits of your product or service. It’s normally a good idea to focus on the results or benefits, than an in depth description on your product or service.
  2. Images are important, you can convey so much in a correctly chosen image.
  3. Photos of people can help to associate a sense of trust.
  4. Keep it short. It’s tempting to keep writing but most people will lose interest and go elsewhere.
  5. Video is also very important now. Video can communicate a product, service or concept in a far more powerful way than text.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website needs to be designed and content written so that search engines crawl and index the maxinum number of pages possible.

  1. This is a very complex subject but include your important search keywords for your niche market in your content (but keep it readable for humans).
  2. Use keywords in you page Titles (again though, it needs to be human friendly!)
  3. Use a sitemap and use CSS menus, not Flash.
  4. There’s so much more to SEO but I’d have to write a book.

Calls to Action

These are simply something that helps the visits make an action. They range from a simple ‘call us now on..’ text to email marketing capture boxes and lots more! Do a search online for Calls to Action and you’ll learn most of what you need.


Testimonials or user reviews (if you’re running an online store) of your customers (don’t make up testimonials…it will hurt you later) helps gain trust. Video testimonials are great as well.


A bog helps show your customers/visitors updates and can help them coming back for more. It’s also important to have a Latest News section on your Home page. This helps your visitors and SEO.

Social Video

You can effectively get free marketing, if you can integrate social and video sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube within your web design.

Landing Pages

When your potential customer clicks on your website via search engines ‘organic’ (the free) results or your Internet advertisements, they need to be sent to a landing page. This is a page written for what the person was searching for and will help convert them into a sale / sales lead.


You need to get targeted traffic to your web design. These are people who are already interested, in some way or the other, in your product or service, improving the conversion rate (the % of people that visit, who are converted into a sale / sales lead)

OK, I understand what targeted traffic is but how do I do GET targeted traffic??

Researching Keywords

This is simpler than it sounds. You can use one of the many keyword research utilities or websites (just search for ‘keyword research’ and you’ll find various options) and you can check your competitors websites. You use these keywords within your website and also your various Internet advertisements.

Building Links

When search engines find links to your website from other popular websites and websites in your niche market then it will (help) rank your website higher – which means more visits – more sales.

It will take a long time. Start slowly and only do a few links a day.

Don’t use companies that do 1000’s of useless links.

Some ways of adding links are;

  1. Search directories
  2. Some blog comments (although a lot are NOFOLLOW now, so they won’t help your ranking but they can help drive human traffic)
  3. Forums (but never spam links in your forum posts. Become a valued member before posting any links and even then, keep the link within a valid useful post)
  4. Articles (again, always write an article that gives real value to the reader)
  5. Product reviews
  6. Agreements with other websites.

Research your Competitors

Check what your competitors are doing for their websites and Internet ads. You will probably learn something that can help you.


Pay Per Click advertising (EG. Google AdWords) can be a cost effective form of advertising, as you only pay when someone clicks on your advert.

This is a very complex subject and I’d only recommend you do your own PPC campaign if your market isn’t competitive at all (ie. not many of your competitors are doing PPC ads or they’re doing them very badly!).

Unfortunately it’s far too easy to setup a PPC campaign very badly and this will simply cost you so much more per click, it will make PPC non cost effective.

I suggest you use a reliable PPC / Internet marketing company to create your PPC campaign. If done correctly, the initial setup cost they charge will pay for itself.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Web Design

Gone are the days where most people look in a phone book for products and services:

Most people now usually visit Google or another search engine to find their goods and services.

So for many companies, a website is their primary method for generating new and repeat sales.

One of the main frustrating issues for a business trying to choose a web design company is which factors to check for.

The issue is there are literally thousands of website companies around. How do you choose the right one? This is a critical decision and can cost your business thousands of dollars if you choose the company.

Here are a few important guidelines to help you make the right website design choice.

  1. Quality Content. The image your website presents to your potential customers must be professional. Your website design company should offer you expert copywriting services for your new website, so your website content can written for your target market in an effective way.
  2. SEO (search engine optimisation). A website is completely useless as a business tool if it can’t be found. A good web design company will have great SEO skills to promote your website. Strategies such as; SEO content, link building, Pay Per Click advertising campaigns (Google AdWords etc), keyword research etc to help your website rank highly on search engines. The higher your website ranks on search engines->the more visits->more sales.
  3. Calls to Action. It’s important to have a quality landing page for your business. Your web design company must include many strong calls to action so that your website generates results – new customers and sales. Ask them what Calls to Action will be included in your website.
  4. Social Media Marketing. Your web design company needs to use the power of Social Media Marketing. Using websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can offer essentially free marketing. Ask them how they’ll use Social Media Marketing for your website.
  5. Ask for their track record. New web design companies are springing up all the time, but don’t be fooled by shiny sites loudly proclaiming their amazing services. You need to make sure the web design company you talk with can show you examples of past work, with proven results. Ask them for real world examples of successful website marketing.

So whether you’re looking for a website design company in Wellinton, Auckland, or elsewhere, keep the above key points in mind and be careful about your decision. They will be responsible for presenting, protecting, and promoting your online image, and you’ll want to make sure that responsibility is in good hands.