Free Web Page Designs

Thinking about trying free web page designs for your organization or business website project? One thing is certain-there are plenty of free website design options out there, from website templates to free or advertising-supported website hosting services that come with built-in design software.

But more importantly than the relative abundance of free web page designs out there is the cold hard fact that they are simply not a good option for your growing website (and here’s why)…

Free Web Page Designs Come Across As Amateurish.

The last thing you want for your business or organization as you strive to go live on the web is to have a website that your visitors won’t take seriously. A good majority of website visitors will are really quite web-savvy these days. They can spot a “free template” style site from a mile away due to a number of telltale signs. The bottom line here is that if your visitors know that you are using a free site-and most will be able to tell-then, they probably will question your resources and staying power within your unique industry in the first place.

Free Website Designs Are Still Difficult To Work With.

Many equate free and do-it-yourself type websites with being quick and easy to establish. Again, this just isn’t the case at all. While there are a few services out there than can guide you through the process as you fill in the blanks, these sites aren’t able to be customized and designed in a versatile, customized way. And for the free web page designs that you might want to try customizing yourself, this is a possibility, but learning the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, and PHP can be very challenging.

Using Free Web Templates Creates Duplicate Sites.

There are only so many different free website templates in circulation. While the odds of your competitors ending up with the same exact design as you are probably slim, the fact of the matter is that there will be others using the same design. After all, they’re free and available to everyone-not just you alone. Having the same exact site design as someone else is just not a very good idea…especially if your visitors or customers find out.

So, what’s the alternative to free web page designs then? Well, for starters, you might give some serious consideration to using a basic entry-level design option from a well-regarded web design expert. We can usually work with even tight budgets-and more importantly-save you money compared to the long term costs of not succeeding with free web page designs.