Web Design Planning Tips

1. Place from where you can find a company / consultant / expert for your website designing & programming work as per w3c standard.

If you have a low budget then go for freelancers. But they often run away when they can’t fulfil the commitments. You may run out of time here. So we suggest hiring a professional Website Design Company like who will fit in your budget at freelancer’s rate. If you are planning to outsource your work then you can hire a full-time, part-time staff for your website design or development requirements. You can also hire resources on project basis as well & get a quick & reasonable web design quote.

2. Place your website at an excellent rated hosting service provider:

If you have already invested in your website design then why compromising on hosting services. It’s like choosing a car model with good engine specification. If the model is good and the engine is used or second hand then the performance is not going to be up to the mark & it’s useless. Likewise the design is good but website hosted server is not good then it will for sure affect your website performance. People & businesses have faced problems like the hosting company got closed down or poor server performance or website gets down for hours and hours & there is no one to pick your problem & resolve – there are thousands of reasons for not using cheap services.

3. Beware before using anything available for free: i.e. Graphics for Your Website:

Nothing is free in this world. So make sure you pay for all the graphics that you use. Or make sure that you are the owner of this graphics. Some companies do use royalty free graphics for your website and later you may get charged thousands of dollars for those as they are royalty free for certain period of time. So make sure that the terms are very clear with your graphic designer when you outsource your web design work. A free graphic worth £5 or US$5 has ended many paying up 5000.

4. Websites needs to be SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Friendly:

Your website needs to be very SEO friendly. There should not be much of graphics on your website as they take lot of time to load. Technically, a website full of grahics and heavy images takes time to load when it is scrawled by search engines. Once the url is submitted – the website is scrawled by search engine. This might develop big time trouble in getting your website pages scrawled on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista etc.

5. Maintain 80:20 proportions of Contents & Images on your website:

Search engines like informative websites. Make sure you don’t copy your website contents from any where as there are tools available to get this caught one day & you might end up with unexpected consequences. Search engines like those websites which has unique & relevant contents for visitors.